Almost 350 years of history

Family Relax Pension Schönwald originated in 2017 on the site once settled by the Stix family around 1680. The cornerstone of the historical farm was laid in 1776 by the Stix family, specifically by Johann Bauer Stix, who managed and developed this estate in the village of Schönwald for generations. The village of Schönwald, with more than 700 inhabitants, was part of the Bautz estate. It boasted a parish church, three chapels, various societies (hunting, firefighting…), a school theater, a male choir, the Schönwald band, an inn with a skittle alley, and more. The village thrived with a rich cultural and social life.

The Bauer family, later succeeded by the Mader family, lived and worked in Schönwald until 1946 when they were displaced in the third transport on July 7, 1946, to the vicinity of Kronach city. After the displacement of the entire German population in a total of nine transports, the estate was allocated to the Orság family. After 1948, all the local farmland was managed by the state farm.

In 2013, the Dusko family purchased properties numbered 23 and 24 in a dilapidated state through an auction. They were captivated by the place and decided to renovate the former farm belonging to the Stix Johann Bauer family and transform it into a pension. An essential condition for the architect was to emphasize the preservation of the remaining parts of the estate. Each corner here has its history and unique atmosphere.

Everything was built with love and understanding to harmonize and create an unmistakable atmosphere that fills you with energy, peace, and comfort. We believe that even Mr. Stix Andreas Bauer would have appreciated it. For more information…

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